Many moons ago I walked into my local tattoo shop eager to purchase my very first tattoo. Bright-eyed and naive to the world of inking, I anxiously scanned the walls and picked a design that seemed most fitting.

Eventually, the walking cliche of the burly super-sized tattooist acknowledged my existence. He momentarily raised his head, furrowed his brow in my direction and gruffly asked, “What do you want?”

Intimidated, I whispered my request. I felt like a prepubescent teenage boy at his first day of junior high school. Why did I just drive over an hour to have this man permanently stain my skin? Why was I going to pay him a month’s earnings from my minimum wage job? I didn’t think I had any other option and the next studio was another hour’s drive away, so...

Nervously, I sat down in his chair. The motor on the tattoo gun spurted and it was on. As my excitement began to resurface I looked down at my arm to watch the process. “Don’t watch me while I’m working,” grumbled my reluctant cohort.

I was so confused and anxious about my experience I just shut down and remained silent, eyes fixated on the 70’s wood paneling that led to the back of the shop. In the end, I regretted both the experience and the tattoo itself.

So you’re probably asking yourself what tattooing and wedding photography have to do with each other.

The answer: Everything.

Later in life I learned that not all tattoo artists are equally yoked. And, you certainly don’t have to just pick the first drawing off the wall that seems like a pretty good fit. In fact, in most respectable studios, you can work directly with the artist to build your personal concept and shape that vision into exactly what you want.

With something as permanent as a tattoo - something that will be with you the rest of your life, something that is often extremely meaningful to you - why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want and more?

Just as all tattooists are not equally yoked, neither are all photographers. Please keep this in mind while shopping for your wedding photographer, as I truly believe it is the single most important investment you’ll make for the single most important day of your life!

my name is...

Rich-Joseph Facun and I have been a working photojournalist for over a decade. In that time I have covered news, feature stories and photographed high-end commercial campaigns spanning over a dozen countries.

Most recently, I was a staff photographer at The National in Abu Dhabi, and I'm a contributing photographer with arabianEye and Getty Images’ Global Assignment division In the United States. Formerly, I have also been a staff photojournalist at The Virginian-Pilot, an award winning newspaper highly recognized for its use of photography and visuals.

My work has earned multiple awards in the Pictures of the Year International, the National Press Photographer Association’s Best of Photojournalism, The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, and the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, amid others. Additionally, while working at The Virginian-Pilot I was awarded the first and second place Portfolio of the Year by the Virginia News Photographer Association for two consecutive years.

You might have seen some of my work in places like Telerama (France), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), The Wall Street Journal (USA), M Magazine (UAE), or in a major ad campaign for telecom company Wataniya (Kuwait), to name a few.

Presently, I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my wife Jasmine, son Levi-Joseph and daughter Opal.

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